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Treatment for OCD:

Individuals suffering from OCD can take heart and hope in knowing that effective and reliable treatment exists for their condition.  Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) and Inference-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ICBT) both enjoy ample empirical evidence as effective approaches for the treatment of OCD and can transform your life by helping you resolve obsessive doubt and face your fears in an empowered and confidence-building way, while resisting the compulsive behaviors that serve to maintain and entrench the OCD cycle.  Treatment that additionally focuses on eliminating compulsive rumination and other mental rituals can also aid in creating meaningful change and a return of one's sense of agency. Many OCD sufferers may never seek treatment due to feelings of shame, embarrassment, and fear over their obsessions, or may seek help only to be offered ineffective and sub-therapeutic interventions that increase feelings of hopelessness.  OCD treatment must focus on creating cognitive and behavioral change and developing skills and techniques to help you take charge of your life and start moving forward. By focusing on your values, purpose, and your innate courage and capacity to heal, you can reclaim joy, hope, and confidence for your life. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can cause substantial distress and disruption to one’s ability to live a confident and productive life. PTSD is a treatable condition, and therapeutic options are available to help you heal from your painful past experiences and move forward in an empowered and confident way. Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are empirically validated treatment options that can allow us to assess your needs, prepare you for the healing process, address the past events that are causing distress and pain, help to build your strength and inner resources, and ensure that the changes you have made are built to last.  Accessing care to address symptoms of PTSD can allow you to take charge of your healing process and to live your life with confidence, hope, and joy. 

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Treatment for PTSD:


Treatment for Panic Disorder:

Panic Disorder is a highly treatable condition despite the intense fear and disruption it can create in one’s life. Many people who struggle with Panic Disorder find themselves working extremely hard to suppress and overcontrol their physical symptoms, avoid triggering places and situations, and construct elaborate plans to escape their feelings of anxiety, only to find their symptoms worsen and generalize to other aspects of their lives.  Effective and skillful treatment for this condition includes elements of psychoeducation to help you understand the components of a panic attack and the cycle of Panic Disorder, understanding the role of avoidance in maintaining panic attacks, overcoming fear of the physical symptoms of panic attacks, and facing feared scenarios with courage and support.

Like other forms of anxiety, Phobias can be overcome using empirically-driven treatment methods to help you regain your sense of confidence in yourself and trust in the world around you. Exposure Therapy is the front-line approach for treatment of Phobias and involves gradually facing your fears in a planned and supported manner in order that you can develop a more realistic and empowered relationship with the feared object, activity, or scenario. A therapist trained to treat Phobias using Exposure Therapy can offer you access to support, can help you identify opportunities for healing and growth, and can aid you in structuring and prioritizing the steps in your  journey towards freedom and quality of life.

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Treatment for Phobias:

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Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

Like other anxiety disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a treatable condition that enjoys high rates of success when effective, evidence-based treatment methods are employed with care and support. Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder includes elements of both cognitive and behavioral therapy to help you understand the cycle of worry and rumination, psychoeducation regarding how rumination, avoidance, and safety behaviors paradoxically increase anxiety, and support to aid you in moving forward in your life without the presence of fear and worry as your constant and unwanted companions.

Our Offers:

Free 20 Minute Consultation:

Please contact us to schedule your free 20 minute consultation to help clarify your therapeutic needs, discuss treatment options, and start taking steps towards your best self and brightest future. 

Individual Therapy:

Meet your therapist one or more times weekly to assess your therapeutic needs, formulate a game plan to create change, work together to make meaningful and evident progress, and develop lifelong skills to navigate life gracefully and courageously.  Home visits and community-based exposure sessions are available. 

OCD Kick Start Program:

Designed for individuals suffering from severe OCD symptoms who are willing, motivated, and ready to embrace change and reclaim their lives.  This program includes 27 hours of therapy, 3x per week, over the course of 3 weeks to intensively assess the components of your OCD, teach you the skills you need to live with vibrancy and courage, and work together to face your fears both in and out of session.  Family integration, home visits, and community-based exposure sessions can be integrated into your care to maximize your results. 

Weekly Support and Treatment Groups

Biweekly support groups to offer individuals with OCD and anxiety the opportunity to connect with others with similar experiences, receive and offer support and encouragement, engage in therapeutic activities to leverage your healing process, and be part of a vibrant community.  Please contact us to learn about our current group offerings. 

Clinical Supervision

Rachel Tombaugh, MA, LPC, is an experienced and caring clinical supervisor who is passionate about teaching and guiding new therapists into becoming skillful, compassionate, and clinically sophisticated practitioners. Rachel is an approved supervisor on the AzBBHE's Registry of Clinical Supervisors and can help you meet requirements for clinical supervision and launch your career with confidence and optimism. 

Professional Consultation

Whether you are new to clinical practice or an experienced clinician who wishes to learn new skills and techniques, Rachel can offer the support, expertise, and encouragement you need to practice ethically and with confidence to increase  your ability to best help your clients. 

Epiphany Center for OCD and PTSD is a private pay, out of network provider.  We will gladly provide you with a superbill and accept HSA and Flex Spending Account cards. 
Cancellation policy: If you cancel your appointment with fewer than 24 hours notice, you will be assessed a full session fee.
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Our Offers
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